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Blocked from NG? Read this...

2008-01-16 00:24:17 by deslona

I am posting this because of people who may have difficulties accessing this website because of restrictions by their IP or by a controlling government.

Mine was because China blocked NG several months ago.

The best solution I found that seems to be the most stable and effective I will post below.

This - at it's simplest is a proxy locater program. By using it you are accessing computers from all over the world from other people.

The risks and other issues;
There may some I do not use TOR when I access my email (which are not blocked) becasue I feel uncomfortable with someone else's computer being used.
Some websites are auto-blocked from TOR and you wont be able to access them
(eg. this is because it claims these sites may be "harmful"
Some ads and their frames are removed for the same reason.
If you forget to turn off tor when (via the FireFox addon) when using it may ask for a code to make sure your computer is not a bot. l.en#Warning

Problems with use on NewGrounds.
Sometimes you maybe logged off as Tor switches to a new proxy. You must re-log your details again.
Your NG download speed will decrease as you are using a proxy. You may have to refresh a page several times to get the page. Sometimes when posting or voting you may have to do the action again as the connection to the proxy was bad.

You have to download TOR from the website. this will install a package of programs; TOR and Privoxy. And if you use FireFox, the TOR button addon. Which I find is VERY convenient as you can turn the proxy on and off at will.

The Firefox Tor addon can be found here: ox/addon/2275

After installation, restart the computer.

After installation I had errors occurring when using Tor.
I suggest you do this checklist to avoid the problems I had;
You should set Privoxy to startup when the computer boots and the same with Tor.
Leave both icons in the Systray, this just lets you know if something goes wrong.

If tor isn't working, try running Privoxy directly first.
Start/All Programs/Vidalia Bundle/Privoxy
Then run Tor again.

Best Performance:
Use FireFox, and if you don't install it prior to installing TOR.
You should set Privoxy to startup when the computer boots and the same with Tor.


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2008-01-16 02:15:07

Great guide! I really hope that people find their way to this, which might be pretty hard if they ARE blocked and can't find a way around it, heh. So China blocks this website? Interesting to know.


2008-01-21 17:38:42

Ah, crap. All those places are blocked as "Proxie Avoidance."