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It is a little funny

It is okay. The jokes were okay. But I didn't really get into it. I liek the idea though. And the changing scenes give it more depth and add to the story (which is a good idea)

Uptown-SlimJim responds:

Fair enough. Next one will have like a thousand different scenes

It's okay for a short

Cute and short, but too short. I think you should continue this basic theme but make it longer and more characters, it seems a little Madness-esque. There was alot of the frame area you did nothing with, maybe a little more movement would be good in the next one too. Sound effects were good and well timed.

JV2 responds:

lol, Sound effect. Singular. I thought of adding a background, but then i remembered i had to make one so...

anyway good ideas

Every new episode...

...shows a new style or new angle.
That's an unmentioned part of what makes this series a continued success.
The new weapons, tactics, graphics, theme, layout, colours and new enemies. It all contributes to the developing storyline.

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Some critique;

You need to click on the restart button. This breaks flow as there is no other use for the mouse in the whole experience. Make it so you can hit 'Space" or something to get back into the game.

There is no reason the ship needs to be in the center of the screen. Nothing happens behind the ship of import. Move it back a little or give vertical control.


Nice simple cute and fun. Good sounds (there weren't many but there didnt have to be). The graphics were simple and clear. and the idea was straightforward.
The blue pill are good, the red and yellow are bad... (I think)

A little change here and there...

Would make this a realy realy great game.
Needs sound and music. I was very repetitive and I fought for awhile but nothing 'new' appeared (only more of the same).
I like the buying and fighting so there was no clear end of level.

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Methodical, and building.

Beaty, can be used in a space scene or perhaps a date builing up emotion.

Nice, slow....

Nice, slow.
It would be used well if used constantly as a theme music to a character in a story.
Or as the name suggests a location.


you have a really good ear for music! i heard this in phantasmogria and it blew me away! keep up the good work!

For me to type something witty in here is like drawing a tapestry.

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