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It is a little funny

It is okay. The jokes were okay. But I didn't really get into it. I liek the idea though. And the changing scenes give it more depth and add to the story (which is a good idea)

Uptown-SlimJim responds:

Fair enough. Next one will have like a thousand different scenes

It's okay for a short

Cute and short, but too short. I think you should continue this basic theme but make it longer and more characters, it seems a little Madness-esque. There was alot of the frame area you did nothing with, maybe a little more movement would be good in the next one too. Sound effects were good and well timed.

JV2 responds:

lol, Sound effect. Singular. I thought of adding a background, but then i remembered i had to make one so...

anyway good ideas

Every new episode...

...shows a new style or new angle.
That's an unmentioned part of what makes this series a continued success.
The new weapons, tactics, graphics, theme, layout, colours and new enemies. It all contributes to the developing storyline.

Much better

I like this one much better than the Ctrl + Z. More amusing too. This has potential for a series if anyone bothered to do it. The user tip (mouse > tablet)... (so true) was a nice touch.
Good job Luis

Nice, but too short

A simple and imaginative idea, that so repetative.
It would have been better if you expanded on the concept and made it longer. For example had the guy use the Undo in other situation, or maybe "Ctrl - V" something (food he likes) so he can eat more etc.


I especially liked the storyboard to see how you developed this. I idea, was original, and it can be expanded. (and probably will be when others see this). Very nice :)

As much as I have NO idea who you are...

I liked this movie. I only just heard of the Milano crew yesterday, I was thinking "who are they?"

This clears things a little thankyou.

As for the animation -
Smooth, I liked the style. Nice story.

Area fights are almost always good

Nice animation and effects - flashbacks, slowmotion. I like the idea of an arena free for all. The story was great. I hope you will do more. The only thing I dodn't like was there was no sound at all at the beginning of the movie, so I wasn't sure if it was all silent or not.
Also I think the replay button doesn't work?

EvilSeed responds:

yeah, thanks, the preloader works but i put gotoandstop instead of gotoandplay, stupid me, but is fixed now, anyway, glad you liked it.

It's okay...

The voice sync was not so good. And I really didn't follow the story up to now. That maybe why I am not keen, it didn't come across as funny.
The characters are drawn well, and if there was some lip sync it would be very good.


Smooth animation, the voices sounded a little scratchy. The joke was cock joke was good. I would have liked to have seen this longer. That is the only grip I had with this..

SardonicSamurai responds:

Yeah, I used a different mic, and I guess I had my mouth closer to my mic then usual (usually I have to put it on my table and talk away from it T_T) but I was retarded.

For me to type something witty in here is like drawing a tapestry.

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