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Some critique;

You need to click on the restart button. This breaks flow as there is no other use for the mouse in the whole experience. Make it so you can hit 'Space" or something to get back into the game.

There is no reason the ship needs to be in the center of the screen. Nothing happens behind the ship of import. Move it back a little or give vertical control.


Nice simple cute and fun. Good sounds (there weren't many but there didnt have to be). The graphics were simple and clear. and the idea was straightforward.
The blue pill are good, the red and yellow are bad... (I think)

A little change here and there...

Would make this a realy realy great game.
Needs sound and music. I was very repetitive and I fought for awhile but nothing 'new' appeared (only more of the same).
I like the buying and fighting so there was no clear end of level.

It's okay, that's all though

Just point and click from what I played. Very repetitive and bland. Saving the humans could be replaced with any number of ideas. Sounds were not so varied and ....
well, it was not a game that would make me play for more than 2 levels.

Try introducing more sounds? (people screaming at low volume) or a random 'sucking' sound as people were pulled up.

Simple and fun

A nice game with a simple idea. I love the power ups and the options to turn them all on and off. The background colours choice was pleasant.
Over all a fun game.

Superb layout

This tutorial has a very easy layout that was simple and user friendly. (which is missing in alot of the other ones submitted)
Graphics were nice and not overboard.
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I like the simple concept to make a fairly tricky game. It shows good innovation by using relatively few player commands and a very simple interface.

Nice cute little game

Nice - for testing your reflexes
Cute - as it is small and simple to play

But a little bit of a guide would be nice. Is red or green good?

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Simple fun and enjoyable

I like the ideas but when you came to the upgrade screen for the next level, I wasn't quite clear on what was going on. There was no clear indication on what I was getting until I bought it.


It was hard to read... Almost impossible
Need a button to turn off the music.

It seemed cluttered. Maybe you should enlarge Flash size so you can have the screenshots and text separate.
You need to do this again I think.
But there should be a Tut' for this. As it is a free flash maker and people cannot afford Macromedia'

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Ok, when I have the time I'll edit it to make it look better.

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